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Hire a Writer Better Get a Pro than a Sour Face

Recruit a Writer Better Get a Pro than a Sour Face Recruit a Writer: Better Get a Pro than a Sour Face Would it be a good idea for you to employ an essayist or compose that paper yourself? You are a dedicated understudy and endeavor to finish all assignments all alone and that is a laudable activity, however now and again it is brilliant to look for a little help.â Sometimes it is smarter to employ an author to create an extraordinary model paper you can use to design your own paper from and here are a couple of reasons why you ought to choose it. 1. You Waste Your Time Creating a Paper from Scratch On the off chance that you have questions, a model paper will spare you time by explaining the composing task, and keep you from composing an inappropriate paper. Your model paper will give you a smart thought of appropriate association, so you will learn important hints on the most proficient method to make scholarly composing appropriately. We as a whole learn by model, isn't that so? 2. You Spend Hours on Fruitless Research In the event that you don't have a clue about the point or a sort of the paper you have to deliver, whenever spent investigating is probably going to be squandered in light of the fact that how might you discover something when you don't know what it is you are searching for? When you have a model paper, the rest will be so natural you will recognize what to explore and invest a small amount of the energy at the library on the Internet searching for material for your paper. This is the brilliant method to work, rather than the most difficult way possible. 3. You Are on Edge Being anxious and focused on in light of a cutoff time doesn't assist you with composing a superior paper, it just adds to your uneasiness and raises the odds of a disappointment or other negative result. One thing that can help relieve your frayed nerves and compose a superior paper is utilizing a model paper. At the point when you employ an author to make a model article, they are not composing your paper, they are composing an example utilizing the particulars you give. You at that point utilize the it for instance of style and configuration for your own paper. Utilize your time and be answerable for the result of your decisions. Don’t invest energy being anxious. Don’t decline your chances of achievement. Assume responsibility for the circumstance and request a model paper to accomplish the best result. 4. You Rush Causing Amateur Errors For the most part, your language, spelling and designing are flawless. Be that as it may, in the event that you have two ventures and one paper to compose, notwithstanding different duties, you will be enticed to surge. This will definitely prompt low quality work. Recruit an essayist to alter and edit so as to keep away from this. There are many genuine motivations to recruit an essayist online to build a model paper or alter and edit your paper. Utilize your time carefully and you may discover you have additional time and less worry in your bustling life.

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Covenants of the Old Testament Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Contracts of the Old Testament - Research Paper Example Regardless of whether it is one contract communicated in various settings and subsequently various structures, or it is various agreements with various people, depends to a limited degree on individual interpretations† (Poon 42). God has made agreements with specific people in the Hebrew Bible and a portion of these contracts could be genuine or could plainly rely upon the reliability or devotion of the human accomplice. God built up agreements with striking individuals in the holy book like Noah, Abraham, Moses and David (Brueggemann 91). It is critical to note which of the contracts that God set up with these people in the Hebrew Bible that is genuine and the ones that are restrictive. In the book of Genesis, God made a contract with Noah after he (God) had utilized flood to pulverize the individuals of the earth aside from Noah and his family. As indicated by the book of scriptures, God revealed to Noah that, I seriously guarantee you and your youngsters and the creatures yo u carried with all of you these winged animals and cows and wild creatures that I will never again send another flood to pulverize the earth. What's more, I seal this guarantee with this sign: I have set my rainbow in the mists as an indication of my guarantee until the finish of time, to you and to all the earth. At the point when I send mists over the earth, the rainbow will be found in the mists, and I will recollect my guarantee to you and to each being, that never again will the floods come and demolish all life. For I will see the rainbow in the cloud and recall my unceasing guarantee to each living being on the earth. Gen. 9:8-17 In the contract that God made to Noah, unmistakably God didn't care for the way that he needed to obliterate the individuals that he made with flood and because of the adoration that he had for Noah and his family, he needed to build up this pledge with Noah and his age. God vowed not to open the conduits of paradise and use water to crush the world once more. He guaranteed that he would not decimate people and creatures with flood as he disclosed to Noah that the rainbow that shows up in the cloud is the indication of the agreement that he (God) made with Noah and his age. The rainbow demonstrates that, to each agreement, there is a sign. The rainbow is likewise a suggestion to man of God’s guarantee never to utilize flood to crush the world again. This contract could likewise be alluded to the agreement of the protection of life (Harris and Platzner 14). God gave Noah this contract to guarantee him of his enduring adoration for humankind. In any case, it ought to be noticed that, the pledge that God made with Noah is an unlimited one as it didn't in any capacity rely upon the devotion of the human accomplice. Now, it is additionally appropriate to investigate the pledge that God made with Abraham, who was a relative of Noah. Abraham was a man of confidence; he was a man that strolled with God. Because of Abrahamâ€℠¢s dependability, God needed to set up a pledge with him. God gave an incredible gift to Abraham that has made individuals to be honored through him. In the fifteenth section of Genesis, God tells Abram (as his name was called at that point) that, â€Å"I have given this land to your relatives from the Wadi-el-Arish to the Euphrates River. Furthermore, I provide for them these countries: Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaim. Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites, Jebusites.† (Gen. 15:18-21). This was the contract that

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Forrest Gump and Three Flowers †Creative Writing Essay

Forrest Gump and Three Flowers †Creative Writing Essay Free Online Research Papers Forrest Gump and Three Flowers Creative Writing Essay Guess what? I simply got done with viewing Forrest Gump. That is my†¦ frankly, I overlook, the occasions that I watched this film, I just realize that I’ve watched it commonly, in any event six. Each time when I watch it, I would have various sentiments, yet one thing I have never showed signs of change and it likewise won’t be changed in future-mental fortitude, regardless of how frequently I watch it. Generally the crowds would feel that Gump is certainly not a shrewd individual, really somebody even consider that he is a bonehead. Since he doesn’t know the outcome of every occasion, except he utilizes his entire existence when he faces the test. That’s mental fortitude. I think Forrest Gump may contact me. Picking the pen is such a hard conduct to me. The second you choose compose something on the white paper, that implies you may need to confront the genuine yourself, you may attempt to cover something appalling, however not uncover everything sincerely. I don’t realize what I need to state simply like Forrest Gump doesn’t comprehend what he needs to do in his life. In any case, I love the inclination that the pen directs my brain, the pen nib would lead me to some place. The pen nib’s liquidity loves the skater’s slides on the ice, so free. I accept this pen; this fortunate pen would carry me to a lucky spot, despite the fact that I don’t know where it is also. Truly. I think I don’t know where I am presently, however my brain like a flipping in reverse schedule, summon my three great flat mates. June, it is a graduation month; a huge number of understudies leave their schools as of now. School? What's going on here? It’s a place where just become familiar with the reading material information? No, certainly not, yet I used to consider it. Since I have memory, when I met my senior family members, they generally asked my grades in school and the position in my evaluation. In the event that I stood up a number can make them fulfilled, at that point they would likewise be energized like they got it from school and treat you so well, similar to you were their own girl, for the most part the number ought to be as little as could be expected under the circumstances. On the off chance that I was unable to state a decent number, they would consider that you had started to lose the entering college possibility. The family pressure caused a portion of my family members moved on from world-acclaimed colleges like Harvard, Cambridge and Chicago University in my family. Being with them, the main thing I expected to do, and I may do well is study, concentrate over and over. I made an effort not to let them frustrated with me, so my imprints kept in a significant level in my group. My folks may be the appreciating individuals when my school had guardians meeting. My life was so normal. Got up, go to class, return home, get my work done and afterward hit the sack. Regular, I re-try similar activities, however I didn’t tired of it, since study was my life’s focus. At the point when I moved on from grade school, Dad settled on a significant choice to me: send me to a tuition based school. God! Why he should send me to there? Don’t I concentrate in government funded school terrible? As I heard it I felt so stun like seeing snow in summer. Anyway he figured I could show signs of improvement instruction from that point. So I left my dear companions who have read together for a long time. I left a recognizable encompassing and changed into a total ly obscure school. September is as yet a sticky blistering month to my old neighborhood, the rancor sun glared on your body, similar to lash whipped on your skin, the cicada’s shouting from the tree, which made hesitantly going to class. The homeroom didn’t recognizable any more, the new face made me asked needing to return home and got away from this end instructing condition. I felt that I was surrendered in a channel well by my folks. No one could hear my assistance. The prior night I came to class, I asked my folks. â€Å"Daddy, Mummy, in the event that I go to class tomorrow, you most likely observe me once a week.† â€Å"Yes, however we will miss you so much.† Dad said. â€Å"Daddy, I am terrified. In the event that the new school’s educators and understudies don’t like me, or my imprint is excessively low, what can I do?† â€Å"My darling, don’t abstain from growing up. This is an ideal opportunity to extend your vision. You can meet numerous companions from better places and you can take in numerous things from your educators and companions. It’s difficult to consume all your time on earth with your essential classmates.† Daddy console me. â€Å"If I can’t embrace the new school, would i be able to stop examining there?† The second I burst out this sentence, I realized that I had spoken an off-base sentence. Since Daddy glared and yelled, â€Å"I don’t care whether you like there or not, you should concentrate there well. I spend such a lot of cash on you, how might you make me frustrated? You’re so ignoring and rebellious.† Under this powerless circumstance, I had no way out, yet went to my new school. A huge number of inquiries still around my psyche: would I be able to continue concentrating great at there? Are there numerous exceptional understudies? †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Research Papers on Forrest Gump and Three Flowers - Creative Writing EssayPersonal Experience with Teen PregnancyStandardized TestingHip-Hop is ArtHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows EssayCapital PunishmentEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenThe Spring and AutumnHonest Iagos Truth through DeceptionThe Relationship Between Delinquency and Drug UseThe Hockey Game

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The Basic Facts of Gre Analytical Writing: Solutions to Real Essay Topics (Books 1 & 2)

The Basic Facts of Gre Analytical Writing: Solutions to Real Essay Topics (Books 1 & 2) GRE can be found throughout the year in the on-line mode and three times per year in the paper-delivered format. In the event the scores are significantly different, a 2nd human will read the essay and score this, and the last score is going to be the average of both human scores. Your score in AWA section will play a crucial role in your selection into the plan of your interest. With just 30 minutes to finish the argument task, your work isn't to be comprehensive, yet to analyze the points that matter. So, it's essential that candidates become used to typing with no assistance from spell check program. Finding the grammatical skills right is vital. The greatest minimum score ought to be your cut-off. The 5-Minute Rule for Gre Analytical Writing : Solutions to Real Essay Topics ( Books 1 & 2 ) Students should always question what they're taught rather than accepting it passively. Be sure to spell out in what way the answers to the questions would help to value the conclusion. Be sure to spell out the way the answers to these questions would help to rate the recommendation. Be sure to explain how they would help to evaluate the advice. Possessing a few minor errors in your essay is fine, provided that the errors don't allow it to be impossible to comprehend what you're attempting to say. Candidates can follow 1 book or more than 1 book according to their necessity. If you just end up discussing two key questions or assumptions from the argument, it's perfectly fine to wind up with two body paragraphs, but you need to remember that should you have time, there may be a third avenue of the argument that's well worth exploring. This clarity of development permits the reader to follow your logic more easily, which then makes your essay that a great deal more persuasive and potent. You'll also receive a passage to read on this undertaking, yet this time your occupation is to check at the argument in contrast to the content. One analyze an argument task where you're assess the structure of a particular argument. Analytical writing isn't a math, where you could apply some tricks and receive the appropriate answer. The ideal GRE books utilize a mixture of methods to prepare you for any question that may come up. One other important component that determines a fantastic GRE Writing score is the area of study you're interested in pursuing. It is one that gets you into the program you want to get into. There's a decently crafted essay response to quite a few GRE essays. Not only do you have to read through GRE sample essays, but you must also look for topics on which you may write GRE sample essays yourself and have them evaluated. If writing essays isn't your forte, then you have to sit up and take stock of the quantity of preparation you're going to need for getting an excellent score in the Analytical Writing test section of the GRE. For the large part, skipping the AWA essays might be disastrous. The GRE General Exam tests the candidate's capacity to think and locate the remedy to the questions in the 3 sections. Preparation for the GRE Test will be contingent on the period of time you've got available and your individual preferences for how to prepare. At length, the GRE is just one small portion of your graduate application. After all, the GRE Issue isn't a test of knowledge as much since it is a test of how you're able to use knowledge however confined to back your p osition. Leaders are made by the demands that are put on them. Students, If you have little time for GRE Exam then you have to go for an e-guide. The students are supplied with a simple software in the exam, which they may utilize to type in their answers. College students should base their selection of an area of study on the access to work in that area. Other folks think that such competition seriously limits the standard of genuine learning. The primary purpose of technological advancement ought to be to increase people's efficiency so they have more leisure time. Other folks think that college students should base their selection of an area of study on the access to work in that area.

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Analysis Of Ted Kooser s A Birthday Card Essay

Love is Strong and Unexplainable In Ted Kooser’s â€Å"A Birthday Card†, the poet is expressing how much his aunt cares about and loves him. This poem is about the relationship between the poet and his aunt show in this birthday card. Even though his aunt is very sick and weak, she still trying her best to write him a birthday card and wishes him with love. The setting for this poem is in poet’s forty-fourth birthday, his aunt who is in her eighties with a lot of illness and still uses all of her strength to write this birthday wishes to him. In this poem, the poet uses the third person point of view to describe the birthday card and the love though it from his aunt. This poem does not have several stanzas. It is a one piece, unbroken and continuous poem. The poet is writing this poem mainly from his feeling to tell his reader how great his aunt is. Ted Kooser always writes his poem from his past experiences and life events. In this poem, he is using the birthda y card to show the reader one of the important person appears in his life and what did that person do to touches his heart. This poem is about the love from his aunt and how the poet expresses it on a short length poem. Kooser’s theme in this poem is about love can overcome sickness or the strong love inside the family bond nothing can block the love away. Love is one of the element to make human’s relationship strong. Love is unconditional, valuable, and unpayable. Love can only occur sincerely from the bottom of our

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Year Round School Vs Traditional Schools Essay - 766 Words

Brittany Dunkle Mrs. Seymore Period 5 November 3, 2016 Year round School vs Traditional Schools â€Å"It’s for the public it’s year round and it s also for the schools because we re going to re-establish our school programs and all our outreach programs† Susan Hayward. Will year round schooling help or benefit the schools of the United States and society? Year round schools could change the reasons why teachers are teaching (Top 10 Reasons). Elimination of extended breaks from schools in the United States. would be beneficial to the population. Year round school helps with the complications of childcare issues. Parents won t have to worry about paying for their child to go to a daycare or a summer camp. Child care can be very expenses and the child might even be upset about going to daycare everyday of the summer. Another child care issue is that if families have older children they could get stuck with watching their younger siblings. Then most of teenagers summer are spent watching their younger siblings when they could be enjoy their summer the way they want. Year round school eliminates regression of learning due to extended time off. Having a year round school can reduce what people known as summer learning loss (The Pros). Almost every child will experience a decrease in their math over the time of summer break each summer break (SUMMER LEARNING). â€Å"On an average students lose two months of reading skills over summer† (SUMMER LEARNING). AfterShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Speech On Year Round School1120 Words   |  5 Pagesaudience that CECFC should implement year-round school. Central Idea: I researched this topic extensively and discovered the benefits of year round school, developed a plan to implement it, as well as reasons why this plan is possible. Introduction Topic Introduction: Refer to attention grabber for topic introduction. Attention Grabber: Jeremy Bloom is the youngest man in history to make the â€Å"U.S. Ski Team, he was national champion while still in high school and world champion and Olympian at ageRead MoreYear Round Education1308 Words   |  6 Pagesyou ever wondered what the difference between traditional schooling and year-round education is? Maybe you didn’t know that there are more than one type of year-round education. A year-round school schedule can benefit educators, students, and even families. Year-round schooling is where the breaks in school are on a balanced schedule. Instead of having a three month summer break, there would be 60 days off and then the students would be back to school. If on a multi track schedule, teachers couldRead MoreShould Kids Go At A Year Round School?912 Words   |  4 Pages29 March 2017 â€Å"Should Kids Go to a Year Round School?† When I return to school after summer, I always struggle to remember anything from the months before. For this reason, I personally think kids should go to a year round school. Moreover, kids shouldn’t have such a long summer vacation. Students should go to a year-round school for more intersessions throughout the year, so they have less stress, it will be easier to remembering what they learned, and year-rounds schooling has smaller intersessionRead MoreEssay about Year Round Education839 Words   |  4 Pages01 ­14 ­15   Why  Take  on  Year  Round  Schooling?  Ã‚      â€Å"Pop  quiz,  lets  see  what  you  remember.†Ã‚  Often  people  realize,  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Shoot!  I  forgot   everything  from  last  year!†Ã‚  Why  go  through  that  I ­have ­no ­idea ­how ­to ­do ­this  kind  of   stress  when  year  round  education  can  fix  that  so  simply.  Even  though  year  round   schooling  is  uncommon,  it  will  make  a  positive  impact  on  society.  In  the  United  States   there  are  only  3,181  year  round  schools  that  exist,  but  the  number  is  still  continuing  to   grow.  Year  round  schooling  promotes  higher  levels  of  excellence  for  students  and  Read MoreHigh Fidelity Simulations in Nursing Education Essay1371 Words   |  6 PagesA New Way of Learning: High Fidelity Simulation in Nursing Education For years nurses have gained experience in the medical field through clinical rounds at hospitals and doctors offices. Learning has always taken place first through textbooks and then through personal experience during required clinical time. These methods have proven effective but include limitations to the amount of exposure a student can gain before entering the workforce. A new way of learning is on the rise with the useRead MorePost Colonial Laws On Natives Rights : Folly Or Fair Play?1463 Words   |  6 PagesColonial Laws on Natives’ Rights: Folly or Fair Play? Every ethnic group, in addition to possessing their own individual identity, holds the sense of who they are in relation to a larger spectrum, the world. But post colonialism strips away that traditional perspective and examines the dynamic between the aristocratic superpower and the subdued and dejected local inhabitants. This dynamic not only includes the effects of direct colonialism from the colonizers, but the post occupational ramificationsRead MoreOnline Education Vs Traditional Education1390 Words   |  6 PagesOnline Education Vs Traditional Education In the present world, there are a lot of options for a student to choose for his education. Each and every student learning technique are different and learn differently and in today’s world of increasing technology, the question will be whether to offer classes or take up classes online, but rather how to implement them effectively and efficiently. Hence a student must have to weigh a huge list of pros and cons before they choose one of the two optionsRead MoreEffective Classroom Interaction And Pupil Management1422 Words   |  6 PagesAssignment 1 Effective lessons in IT Classroom interaction and pupil management Meeting individual differences Helping pupils learn Assessment The school curriculum and society What is an effective teacher? An effective teacher is a pupil manager that can aid personalised learning and classroom interaction. They are someone who meets individual’s needs and reduces teacher dependency. They understand the concepts of learning. The successful teacher cares, the successful teacher teaches well and theRead MoreGun Control1403 Words   |  6 PagesAmendment, the definition of â€Å"militia† as any adult male, self-defense, the relative uselessness of permits and regulations, and court cases in favor of firearm possession. Pro-gun control activists argue using the survival of the 2nd Amendment, the traditional definition of â€Å"militia† as a government-authorized army, the multitude of gun-related deaths, the need for stronger regulations, and the example England has set with their ban of handguns. Opponents of gun control legislation often cite the 2ndRead MoreWhy We Hate Hr?1730 Words   |  7 PagesTen years ago, Keith Hammonds wrote a 4,000-word first-person narrative that sent shockwaves through the people management community. Its title: â€Å"Why We Hate HR†. The piece still reverberates through HR today, and Workforce thought with the passage of a decade, which has seen two presidential election cycles, the worst recession since the Great Depression and the approval of sweeping healthcare legislation, that it would be a good time to revisit HR’s standing in the corporate world. So, to paraphrase

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Reduce Vulnerability Exposure Window †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Reduce Vulnerability Exposure Window. Answer: Introduction: In my own opinion, the learning experience in the process of doing this research proposal is a boost to my academic career. I have acquired more knowledge about cybersecurity that has opened my eyes quite a lot. Going through several kinds of literature just to come up with this proposal is a humbling process that requires patience and dedication. The value of my experience after researching, compiling, and reporting on this proposal is immeasurable. Going through several books, taught me that diligence in everything is the key to achieving success (Motiwalla 2007). The insights I have interacted with has enabled me to take more caution while browsing the internet. Revelations of how businesses face operations sabotage are real and every business should think of ways of making cybersecurity a priority. This learning experience has enhanced my understanding of the course. Going out class activities to conduct research on my own is the best experience for any scholar. In particular, I learned of several ways through which cyber-attackers use to propagate their heinous acts of vandalism. Apart from what I learned in class, this learning process has boosted my understanding of the course, more so horning my research skills. Valuable lessons of analyzing and synthesizing big literature materials is a plus to my course material. Generally, the program objectives require students to carry out extra research in addition to what is taught by lecturers. As such, this learning experience gave me a platform to sharpen my research skills which have been very valuable so far in my career. Going through several academic materials online and in books has helped me achieve the learning expectation of the program. From what I have learned on how cybersecurity issues affect many businesses, big and small, I think it would be good if I pursue further career opportunities in cybersecurity. As a specialist, I will help many businesses and organizations to keep safe of their systems which often sabotage systemic operations. This career will not only enable earn income but will give a platform to learn more besides impacting the lives of people around me. In general, carrying out this research proposal has equipped me with more skills to stay cautious while online (Schmitz and Wiese 2006). From now henceforth, I know how to identify incidents of phishing, which has cost many people of their confidential data. I also know how to put measures in place to avoid cyber-attack incidents. Moreover, I have also learned how cyber-attacks can cause closure of businesses. As such, I am in a position to advise my friends and families on the basic principles on staying alert on the World Wide Web. Description of what happened in the learning process I started this learning process by evaluating the topic of the research proposal, which is, challenges of cybersecurity for businesses. After settling on the topic, I went ahead to read materials relating to cybersecurity. At that point, I came across several ways through which cyber vandals use to steal, destroy, confidential business information. To stay focused on my goal, I did set my parameters, first by outlining the objectives of the research proposal, then specifying my scope of operations so that I do not go beyond my objectives. I read about how cyber-attackers conduct sabotage by stealing confidential business data. I also read ways through which individuals, organizations, and businesses can use to protect their operation from cyber-attacks. Furthermore, I learned of many businesses who are victims of hacking and the statistics are worrying. For example, a multinational company, Google was attacked in China where the company lost confidential information. Subsequently, I wrote the methodology section and compiled the whole research proposal. My learning could not have been successful were it not for business research guidelines. According to Creswell (2013), business research provides guidelines that define the approach of a research activity. Through business research insights, I learned that qualitative approach was applicable in this kind of study. This is because, I will be going to collect data on opinions, feelings, and beliefs on how cyber-attacks are affecting businesses. Business research taught me how to structure my proposal, what to include and the right method of identifying my target group and coming up with reasonable sample size. I have also identified strategies to conduct a professional literature review and ways to collect quality data to achieve my research goals. By conducting this research proposal, I learned ways through which cyber vandals use to attack businesses. Such methods include; phishing, network probes, brute force cracking, malware and ransomware, structured query language injection, a man in the middle, and denial of service attacks (Pawar and Anuradha 2015). These revelations confirm the hypothesis that cyber-attacks are real on businesses. Consequently, I also learned on some of the strategies that businesses, organizations, and companies can use to prevent and overcome cyber-attacks. Those strategies include; providing stronger authentication, accelerating efforts in managing traffic, testing vulnerability matrix and management, and upgrading security and validating testing (Beres et al. 2008). I did these activities of finding out ways through which cyber-attackers use to steal confidential information to answer my research questions and objectives. Furthermore, answering on the mitigation strategies offers solutions to the identified problems facing the business community. This learning experience will be very vital in my career journey and future profession as I aspire to own a company which will be offering cybersecurity solutions. Since most businesses and organizations use technology, their operations and data are in danger of cyberattacks. Therefore, I am tempted to pursue a career in cybersecurity to offer mitigation solutions to the business community. From the exposure I have acquired in the process, I have identified numerous opportunities and gaps to fulfill. I also wish to advance my career on cybersecurity to solidify my understanding and look into a specific field to specialize on. Even before enrolling for cybersecurity program, I can now caution my friends, families, and small businesses on the importance of taking measures to protect their data such as passwords. Executing this plan will help protect businesses and individuals from losing their data. References Beres, Y., Griffin, J., Shiu, S., Heitman, M., Markle, D. and Ventura, P., 2008, December. Analysing the performance of security solutions to reduce vulnerability exposure window. InComputer Security Applications Conference, 2008. ACSAC 2008. Annual(pp. 33-42). IEEE. Creswell, J.W., 2013.Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Sage publications. Motiwalla, L.F., 2007. Mobile learning: A framework and evaluation.Computers education,49(3), pp.581-596. Pawar, M.V. and Anuradha, J., 2015. Network security and types of attacks in network.Procedia Computer Science,48, pp.503-506 Schmitz, B. and Wiese, B.S., 2006. New perspectives for the evaluation of training sessions in self-regulated learning: Time-series analyses of diary data.Contemporary educational psychology,31(1), pp.64-96.